Women’s open up’s their Mind on ‘March 8-their day’


March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s day to highlight the achievements of women all over the World. While women across the World has proved themselves as fierce fighters and be brave, they are still called the ‘weaker sex’ irrespective of the milestones they have achieved. It’s very embarrassing to note that, what many get in return is that gender discrimination, pay disparity, sexual harassment, child marriage, abuse and exploitation.


Quizzing around the women across the country on their attitude towards what they expect the changes through a day like this, they opined mixed response. Some of them mind-boggling.

“The day is a reminder for people to stand up for the equality and freedom of Women and to acknowledge their contribution to society.” Greshma , a Msw student from TamilNadu.

“The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is a reminder that despite all the progress we have seen in recent years, there’s a long way to go for gender equality”  opined by Divya Sara Thomas, a college student.

“Are we safe? It is the primary question that lies in the mind of every woman in Delhi. Development is taking place all over the country. But still from 5 year old girl child to 88 year old granny is being raped. Why this happens? “Can’t we go out in night? Even daytime, cant we walk alone safely?”. “When ever, I am outside, mummy skipe's me when watch shows time 7pm and asks me to go inside the apartment?”. “ A city like Delhi, where we can endure the beauty of city life, women’s can’t even step out after dawn”

“I had to travel many times at night alone in Delhi. The insecurity and rape news all around world always keep me a step ahead for being vigilant and conscious of situations especially at night but I had kind of safe experience till now. I always prefer travelling by metro because there is a specialised compartment for women which is completely safe as far as I feel. As of now I haven't experienced any unsafe situation during night travel and many people especially men seems to be helpful to ladies. but yeah once while I was in a very populated metro which was a mixed compartment someone tried to touch me and that made me completely uncomfortable and it was a day time too.So it's not like you are completely safe in Delhi roads, there are both good and bad. Be always ready to save yourself so keep needed safety measures’’ Haritha sujathan, a psychology student said.

 “One day cannot be seen as a true celebration really, but change often just starts with one. I wish Women across the country to be safe. Let the day brings a change or at least make a spark on their thoughts. ’’  Manju Moorthy said.

“Night Life is assumed to be thrilling. It is indeed but at times. It proves to be a great risk for girls, the crowd, the mentality doesn’t matter, if  the world is so technically modern,the people's mentality remains the same. I think nothing is safe. It’s your luck if you reach back safe or not neither metro or cabs or bus  is safe. The molestation can be same in both.’ Adithi, a student from Vivekanand college,Chander Nagar said. “I have faced this myself too. When a guy tried to touch me wrongly in metro. Not only were this there other incidents too.

“ Let the priority and thought of today’s speciality  not die after the 24 hours”  Ankitha  opined

“ I had faced situations like I can’t even feed my baby because of distasteful comments and staring” said Sunaina s Nath, a Ayurvedic doctor .

"In our university, Many programmes like painting competition, drama and campaigns  are conducting o this day, which will help to give a stress on this day" Laksmi , A central university student

 “After thinking from each perspective of how women’s will be safe in the dark devil’s cities, I personally believe that change will start from oneself. Let yourself question stereotypes and be such future parents to give just the right kind of mindset which we thrive for today regardless of any socio economic background”  said Ankitha, Mumbai.

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