Ice cubes for an amazing skin


What is the best tip for a flawless skin? No doubt, staying healthy. And to be healthy one need to eat well and drink enough water. No need to mention, all beauty-conscious people know intake of enough water is essential for goon skin.


But, how water (ice cubes) can be used externally for the benefit of the skin is a matter less talked of.

To tone and refresh the skin, frozen water can be used effectively. Here is how it works and the details are provided by Shahnaz Hussain, chairperson and managing director of the Shahnaz Hussain Group.

Rubbing ice cubes on the skin helps the pores to shrink and even stops sweating for a while. But, there is a caution. Ice cubes should not be applied directly on the skin as it can damage the capillaries. Ice cubes should be wrapped in a cloth before applying over the skin for a few seconds. Applying ice in this way will refresh the skin and add glow to it.

Ice cubes will also help to make the foundation last during the hot and humid season.

It has also proven to be good for dealing with acne conditions. If acne eruption looks red and inflamed, ice would help the condition to subside.

Ice application helps after threading and waxing too.

Ice packs can be used to reduce puffy eyes. Here also the method is wrapping the ice cubes in cotton cloth and applying for a few seconds.

Rubbing ice cubes on the affected areas is the best way to treat sun burn. It will give cooling sensation while absorbing the heat.

Ice cubes won't fix your pimple but it will surely help shrink it.

An ice cube massage will also help improve the blood circulation, and make your skin look fresh and dewy.


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