Skull implant in India: 4-year-old girl becomes the first patient


PUNE: Doctors in Pune successfully replaced 60 per cent of a four-year-old girl's damaged skull with a customised three-dimensional individualised polyethylene bone.


A US-based firm made the bone as per the exact measurements and shape of the skull defect.

“This was for the first time that such skull implant surgery has been successfully done in India and also in the Asia Pacific”, said the doctors.

The girl, who sustained severe head injuries after a road accident near Shirwal in Maharashtra on 31 May 2017, was discharged from the hospital after two critical surgeries.

“The impact of the accident was so severe and she was unconscious state while brought to the hospital”, Said Dr Jitendra Oswal, who treated her initially.

She was re-admitted in May this year and undergoes a skull-bone removal surgery, which is vital as the usual reimplantation while considering the girl’s tender age. On May 18, doctors successfully replaced 60 per cent of her damaged skull using the technology.

“After the surgery, the girl is responding well to the treatment and recovered gradually. We will discharge her after two months of hospitalisation and medical care,” said Neurosurgeon Vishal Rokade.

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