World Muslim Youth Forum urge youths to work for changing image of Islam



ABU DHABI: The global youth forum organized by the World Muslim Communities Council has called upon youths to take the lead in developing a socially harmonious relationship with other communities by reforming the outdated religious discourses. 

The conference attended by over 250 leaders of Muslim communities in non-Muslim countries stressed the need for shedding intolerance gripping a section of the community. The conference made 12 recommendations with a focus on core values of social inclusion with innovation, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. 

They include security and stability within communities, coexistence and cooperation among human beings, creating a space for joint work with community partners, reform religious discourses to match with community requirements and a constant endeavour to correct the image of Islam and Muslims across the world. 

Dr Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of WMCC, urged the youths to realize the nefarious designs of extremist forces and take the initiative to promote tolerance and peace in the world. These leaders imposed unsuitable ideas on Muslim communities that have nothing to do with the reality of their societies and do not meet their needs, answer their questions or fulfil their ambitions. 

“The youth have the responsibility of guiding the community to shape their destiny. Therefore, they have the full right to be a part of the future-making process, leadership in their communities since it is the very same future of their families and children. It is not reasonable to let others, who may not understand them well, to impose it on them,” he added. 

“Challenges faced by Muslim communities make it necessary to empower young men and women to lead the future and the institutions in their communities, along with supporting their ideas, vision and aspirations. Many of these communities have suffered from patterns of leadership that do not belong to them, nor established in them, and which came with concerns, problems and crises of other communities,” he said. 

The WMCC chairman said that these leaders have been forcing the community to adhere to outdated and irrelevant ideas that have nothing to do with the reality of these communities in which they live, and which meet not their needs nor answer their questions or fulfil their ambitions. 

He said that the Muslim youths in non-Muslim countries were better placed to shape the future course since they have been brought up within multi-religious, intercultural and multiracial communities. Therefore, they know how to achieve the values of coexistence, tolerance and cooperation with the followers of other religions, with whom they share the homeland, communal living and dreams.   

The forum emphasised capacity-building and preparing genuine leaders academically by establishing institutions for training them. It also drew attention to the importance of transition from a state of self-isolation to a state of openness to home partners and community neighbours. 

The forum also called for the establishment of a "General Secretariat for the Youth of Muslim Societies", which will present their experiences and provide a platform for creating a prosperous future for Muslim societies made by them.


Image: Ajeeb Komachi

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