Okinawa teaches world the art of living


BANGALORE: Okinawa Island was once a devastated area in Japan. In World War II, over two lakh people were killed in the island. For decades the isle was under the grip of famine. But, all these are just dark history.

Okinawa is grabbing the attention for a different reason now- remarkable health of its people. The life span of people in the isle is higher and the quality of life is much better. Even at their 80s and 90s people of Okinawa remain in the pink of their health. Incidents of cardiac diseases and cancer are very low. With all these envious credentials, Okinawa is making the world wonder about the reason. Okinawian people have no secret mantra for their vibrant health, but they certainly have a different approach towards the life. And this approach s contributing to their over all well being.

No indolence

Every day is cosidered as gift by in this eastern island. And to make the most of this precious gift people of the isle will wake up early and engage in productive activities the whole day. The people in the place love the joy of liveliness.


A special beverage made of Jamie and green tea is the secret behind the healthy heart of the people. The recipe has proven to be effective to reduce stress and thereby help heart and brain to function better.


Okinawan menu has some specialties. They hardly fill their stomach with food.  To avoid intake of more than enough food, they eat only in small vessels. In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables are an integral part of the diet. Being a land surrounded by ocean, the people also eat ample quantity of fish. Sweet potato and tofu made of soya milk is also an important item in the menu. Likewise, the quantity of sugar and salt is also less in the regular diet in Okinawa. All these are capable of fighting against the free radicals which fastens ageing.

Social relations

Healthy social relationship is the next crucial factor about the residents of the island. There is no room for isolation in this society, which is closely knit. And the togetherness helps the people to keep stress at bay. 

Moreover, these humble human beings are not much concerned about future. They live in the present and hails every day with a smile.


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