TikTok vanishes from Google, Apple app stores in India


CHENNAI: TikTok is no longer available in Google and Apple app stores in India after a court in Tamil Nadu asked the central government to ban the Chinese video app.

The Indian government has asked tech giants Google and Apple to comply with the Madras High Court’s order that had banned popular mobile app TikTok.

According to the report from the sources, instructions in this regard were sent to the two American companies on Monday after the Supreme Court refused to stay the 3 April order of Madras High Court.

On April 3, the Madras High Court had directed the Central Government to prohibit the download of Tik Tok mobile app, saying it was encouraging pornography.

“Majority of the teens are playing pranks, gaffing around with duet videos sharing with split screen to the strangers. The children who use the said application are vulnerable to sexual predators. Without understanding the dangers involved in these kinds of Mobile Apps. It is unfortunate that our children are testing with these Apps," the judgement order read.

"The Government has to answer whether the Union of India will enact a statute, like the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, enacted by the United States, to prevent the children becoming cyber/online victims," the court said in its order.

“Nobody can be pranked or shocked or being made as a subject of mockery by any third party and it would amount to the violation of the privacy. It is said that Tik Tok App is mostly played by teenagers and young people and it has proved to be an addictive one. By becoming addicted to Tik Tok App and similar Apps or cyber games, the future of the youngsters and mindset of the children are spoiled”, it said.

TikTok is a media app for creating and sharing short videos owned by ByteDance.It was launched as Douyin in China in September 2016 and introduced to the overseas market as TikTok one year later.

It is a leading short video platform in Asia, the United States, and other parts of the world. The application allows users to create short videos of 15 seconds.

As of 2018, it is available in over 150 markets, and in 75 languages and in July 2018, the app had more than 500 million users globally.

In February, app analytics firm Sensor Tower said that TikTok had been downloaded more than 240 million times in India and more than 30 million users installed the app in January 2019.

Earlier, Bytedance had challenged the Madras High Court's order to ban TikTok in India’s and approached Supreme Court. However, the apex court had referred the case back to the state court.

On Tuesday, the Madras HC had rejected Bytedance’s request to put the ban order on hold

The state court had requested written submissions from Bytedance in the case and has scheduled its next hearing for April 24.


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