Garbage all around, visitors are anxious in the premises of Masjid!


NEW DELHI : A beautiful pockets of calm at the heart of Old Delhi's mayhem, India’s largest mosque that, towering above the surrounding hubbub has some tale to tell. The entry towards the premises of Jama Masjid is flowering with rotten garbage’s, each day its condition is becoming worse. The morning scenes around 9am will strike a fear in the mind of travel lovers. Being the Masjid-I-Jahan-Numa or Jama Masjid is a famous tourist hot spot in the capital, visitors coming there are anxious about the heap of wastes that are spotted.

“Here many number of markets are there, which we can bargain the price of products and buy. Visitors coming here have number of pack in their hand for always. This place seems to be always crowd. Some action should take against the garbage piled near the entry of the Masjid.’’ Said by, kanishka, a solo traveller
‘‘Parents are coming with their small kids too. Health should be concerned” , she added.
“I like to spend time here, especially to welcome new year, here the street foods are amazing and tasty and the most favourite is biriyani serving here for rs.30.The shop vendors are also serving with most suitable clothes and i like to wander here in this market but I wish somebody should take care of the cleanliness part of the market too.” Said Arjun , an IAS aspirant.
“Here, the cost of food ,clothes is affordable and cheap. I come here every year with my family from kerala in the same time .” said Somanathan T, a traveller from kerala.
The market here is fully filled with the imitation shades, garish clothes with branded names to brightly printed shoes and chapels.
“The price piqued my interest as well as the biriyani. The rice was bland, at most flavoured with rose essence with some yellow orange colour but the soft pieces of mutton oozing species made my day here ,but when I step out from the premises, I felt so sad by seeing the pile of wastes surrounded by flies.’’ said, Shredha kaul , a traveller from punjab.
The lanes of Delhi are contented with the street food, especially the exotic kiwi that had only once available in elite grocery stores a years ago. Then there were these toasts,omelettes and stuffed chillas which fikked the market with good aroma
At Delhi’s Jama masjid nobody goes hungry during iftar time. Mohammad Hakkim, a rickshaw puller, has been coming to Jama Masjid for iftar for the past nine years. “I came here for the first time to pray and thinking that I may get something to break my fast. I had no idea about the scale of meals here. This is a blessing,” he said.
For many people, Iftar is followed by dinner at the nearby Matia Mahal.
Jama masjid , being one of the famous ;landmarks in Delhi, people who is not perturbed by crowds and one who love to be in touch with the everyday India, the tastes that power the masses and the smells and colours that add joy to their day, the venue is quite best choice, but it should be preserved for our future generation said by the people surrounded at Masjid premises
“let the winds of Masjid be the fragrance of beautiful aroma not the rotten wastes” Maneesh M , a consumer at market said.

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