Sapna Chaudhary visits Sonia Gandhi’s office; Cong must choose between 'thumkas', winning elections: BJP


CHANDIGARH: Haryanvi dancer Sapna Chaudhary visited UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi’s office in New Delhi on Friday. Chaudhary reportedly paid a visit to Sonia's office; however, she was unable to meet the UPA Chairperson.


Interacting with media, Chaudhary expressed her keenness towards the Congress and Sonia Gandhi, which has raised speculations of her joining the Party in the near future.

She, however, ruled out joining the party. Sources informed that Chaudhary showed keenness to work for the Congress during elections.

Sapna, who also participated in reality TV show of Bigg Boss 11, said she is an admirer of the Gandhi family.

"I like Soniaji, Rahulji and Priyankaji and want to meet them," she said.

Sapna said though she is currently not pondering over joining politics but may campaign for the Congress party.

"As of now I have no plans of coming into politics but would do whatever the Congress party will ask me to do," she said.

Sapna said those who like her dance moves may not vote on her appeal but she will play her part if assigned any responsibility.

Former Congress MLA Jai Kishan accompanied Sapna during her visit to the party office.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Ashwini Kumar Chopra said the Congress Party must decide what is more important to them, winning elections or 'thumkas' (dance move).

Speaking to media, the BJP MP from Karnal, said, "Congress has people already who dance, and that's enough. The party needs to prioritise what they want to do, whether they want to dance or win an election.

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