Siddaramaiah calls Amit Shah and Yedyurappa - Jailbirds


BANGALORE: The term of the current Assembly in Karnataka will be over towards the end of May, and Assembly elections are due in the state, and with election campaigning in full swing in the party, prominent leaders are making rounds of the state, addressing rallies, giving fiery speeches and waxing eloquent about their party and the work they have done in the state, while accusing their adversaries of every possible misdeed.

Issues like Mahadayi water sharing dispute, farmers’ suicides, slack development in the state are making headlines every day, along with snide remarks about Hindutva, beef ban etc, and the prominent parties, BJP and Congress have been grabbing every possible issue that can give them some political mileage before the elections. The BJP has had a five year stint in the state, from 2008 to 2013, which was nothing short of catastrophic, with 3 Chief Ministers in 5 years making it look like a game of musical chairs. Siddaramaiah of Congress has had a successful run in the state, and has a pro poor image.

While BJP chief Amit Shah was in Mysuru on Thursday, there was also a statewide bandh called to on the same day by pro Kannada organizations to create pressure on the Central govt. to intervene in the Mahadayi issue. Amit Shah alleged that the Karnataka govt. was behind the bandh, saying,’ Congress has till date not forgotten its culture of Emergency.’ He said that the Congress was using the state machinery to create obstacles in the BJP’s Parivartana Yatra but no matter what, Siddaramaiah and the Congress will not be able to stop the BJP from winning the election this year.

Responding to Amit Shah’s corruption charges, Siddaramaiah criticized the BJP for supporting Yedyurappa as the Chief Ministerial candidate. Talking about Amit Shah he said, ‘Says an ex-jailbird who chose another former jailbird to be his party's CM candidate for our Karnataka election. Can he present facts about the so-called corruption charges against me or my Govt.’ Amit Shah was arrested and jailed in the Sohrabuddin Shaikh fake encounter case in 2010 when he was the Home Minister of Gujarat. Yedyurappa, former CM of Karnataka, was jailed in a case of illegal land allotment, of which he was acquitted in 2016.

Amit Shah spoke about triple talaq, safety of women in the state, the recent murders of BJP RSS workers, corruption in the state, and no development in the state despite the Centre allocating huge funds for the same, while steering clear of the Mahadayi issue. He exhorted the people to uproot the corrupt Congress govt. and vote for ‘Parivartan’.

Siddaramaiah had his own scathing responses ready for Amit Shah’s allegations. While speaking to the media, CM Siddaramaiah also said, ‘Amit Shah has no brain it seems, he is a brainless man.’ Leaders from both the parties have been taking potshots at each other on social media too. Siddaramaiah’s tweet read ‘Just telling lies won’t help. People will not believe his #jumlas’.

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