Stop political violence or you will be wiped out: Shah to CPI-M


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : Winding up his party's campaign against the CPI-M, BJP President Amit Shah on Tuesday warned that Kerala's ruling party will be "wiped out" if the political violence in the state does not stop. "Congress got finished because of corruption and the Left parties will be finished due to political violence," he told party cadres at the end of the 15-day "Jan Raksha Yatra" which he had flagged off on October 3.


"They still have time for course correction. Otherwise, the people of Kerala will throw them out.

"If the CPI-M thinks it can suppress our voice by violence, then they are wrong. You cannot crush our ideology," Shah added.

Shah said the people of Kerala had not given Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan the mandate for killing innocent people and said that since the formation of the Left government as many as 13 BJP-RSS workers had been killed in the state. 

"Most incidents took place in the home district of Vijayan. Are you ready to take moral responsibility or not?" he asked.

Shah alleged that whereever the Left parties ruled any place for long, they have encouraged political violence. 

"Be it Kerala or West Bengal or Tripura, political violence has become the political culture of the CPI-M," he said.

Throwing a challenge to the Chief Minister, Shah said, "We are ready to discuss with you issues of development. But will you answer about the killings of our workers? You do not have the courage. 

"It is shameful that an accused in the murder of our worker has been appointed the branch secretary of CPI-M."

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