Actror-turned-politician Khushbu slaps man in rally over misbehaviour


BENGALURU: Actor-turned-politician Khushbu Sundar slapped a man, who was misbehaving with her during recent Congress rally in Bengaluru.

As per the media report, the incident took place during a road show when she was campaigning for Central Congress candidate Rizwan Arshad here.

Thousands of party workers had gathered near candidate Rizwan Arshad's house and the incident took place when Khushbu Sundar was heading towards the rally vehicle

The video, which was gone viral on the social media showed that actress Khushbu slapping a man from the crowd. The misbehaviour of that person prompted her to slap him. Soon after the incident, a policeman immediately pushed back the accused.

As the clip went viral, Khushbu did not make any comment. However, Rizwan Arshad said that he had asked the city police to take action against the culprit


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