Kerala Police arrest bus 'Johny', video goes viral in Facebook page


The pink private bus named ‘Johny’s’ has become the new sensation of Kerala Police’s Facebook page. Video of the bus driving rashly in a witty sense was posted on the page to convey a message about traffic violation. The page lately is known to grab the attention of the public with its smart choice of memes, music and words.

The video shows the bus with name board ‘Johny’s’ deviating off the main road in Thrissur district’s Kuthiran. It skirts around the traffic jam through connecting road and joining the traffic. Various dialogues from Malayalam movies are added into the video to give an air of humour into the circumstance.

The video concludes with the scene cutting to the Peechi police station in Thrissur. ‘Johny’s’, the bus is seen to be ‘arrested’ or taken into custody. “Johnny Mone Johnny” from the Dulquer Salmaan-starrer ABCD, proves to be an apt background score for the scene.

The video which has received over 5 lakh views has a comical caption as well: ‘You tell… there should be some limit’. This highlights the dangerous stunt pulled off by the driver.

Here’s the link to the eventual video:

The Sub Inspector of Peechi police station said “However, soon after joining the traffic, as seen in the video, the driver was driving in a rash manner and eventually hit another car. The bus was taken into custody and booked under Section 279 of the Indian Penal Code, for rash driving. After the Motor Vehicle inspection, it was released on Wednesday”.

As many of the social media users regarded the ingenuity of the Kerala Police, the post also had a fair share of criticism. Many pointed out that the video has been manipulated to show the bus over speeding.

Senior civil police officer Arun BT, who manages the social media pages for Kerala police commented, “The video we put out is actually two videos that went viral a few days ago. The original video was already manipulated to portray the bus as rash driving. We just stitched the two videos together, added dialogues and music.”

He further says, “Through this post, we only intended to urge the motorists to not engage in such dangerous stunts that would put public lives at risk.” The Kerala police also put out a clarification in this regard under the video.

The video also has comments criticising the police and asking the force to first fix public infrastructure. But the social media team, too, had some witty responses under its sleeve.

“First construct good roads, uncle… then you show your ‘mass’ (to boast)” read one of the comments, to which the reply said: “Son, uncle can show his mass only through his work, right? Tomorrow, don’t ask us to fly; not because we can’t, but we don’t know how to fly.”

Image Credits: News Minutes

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