Fat job offers for IIT-Hyderabad grads


HYDERABAD: With lucrative international career offers in their pockets, students of the outgoing batch of the Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad are a happy lot. As per the information, as many 16 students have been picked up by global firms prior to their convocation ceremony to be held on Saturday.


Along with the usual placement companies like Facebook and Google, firms like Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg and Booking.com have also made good offers with packages going up to Rs 1 crore per annum.

“The salary offered to these students ranged from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore. Most of students are under a confidentiality contract restricting them from revealing their final packages,” an IIT official said.

 “The pay package itself is pretty decent for a fresher. It’s more than one and half times the average salary in London,” a student said.

“Apart from the routine placement season that typically unfolds in December where companies visit campus, students also apply directly to companies they are interested in without involving the institute. This is the off-campus process,” a student said.

Vatika Harlalka, who is a dual degree student with a B.Tech in Computer Science with M.S. by Research in Computational Natural Sciences, applied for a job directly through the Facebook portal. She has been offered the role of a software developer and says that having a resume studded with extra-curricular activities helps.

“There are perks, there are stock options in some cases,” a student said.

“Inclusion in Dean’s merit list for all the semesters, participation in ICPC onsite regionals, and qualifying for the Codeshef Snackdown onsite finals in 2015 helped me in getting noticed,” another student said.

However, not all students are entering the job market, many prefer to go further into academics and do research in their fields of interested. Interestingly, some of the students have reportedly turned down fat offers from global firms to follow their hearts in smaller Indian start ups.  

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