Meteorological Dept advises people to stay indoors during daytime


HYDERABAD: As mercury levels continue to rise in Telangana, the Meteorological Department has advised people to avoid outdoor activities during the daytime.

The Meteorological Department also advised to take necessary precautions to prevent sunstroke.

"As per yesterday's reports, wind activity has shifted to South Maharashtra to Komarun area, across interior Karnataka. Due to this Telangana will have isolated clouds across the state, and in some areas, rain may occur in the coming days”, L Venkatesh Rao, Assistant Meteorologist of Meteorological Department, said.

“After this cyclone circulation temperature may increase especially in northern Telangana”, he added.

Rao also said that since the temperature is expected to rise further, it is better if people stayed indoors.

"As mercury levels continue to rise in the state, people should avoid going out during the daytime and take precautions to prevent heatstroke", he stated.


With inputs from ANI


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