Amazon replaces Twitter to live stream NFL


NEW YORK : Twitter will not stream the NFL's Thursday Night Football games this year, instead Amazon will. The Jeff Bezos company won the rights paying $50 million for the deal, a media report said on Wednesday.


"That's bad news for Twitter. Not necessarily because those NFL streams drove a lot of new users or generated a lot of money, but because that NFL partnership was the cornerstone of Twitter's livestreaming video strategy that it has been pushing to investors for almost a year," said.

Last year, Twitter signed a deal with the National Football League (NFL) to live-stream 10 "Thursday Night Football" games. 

Under the deal, the NFL had selected Twitter as its exclusive partner to deliver a live Internet-video stream of the regular-season games for free worldwide. 

While Twitter streamed Thursday Night Football for free to everyone, Amazon will restrict its streams to only its Prime subscribers. 

NBC, CBS, and Verizon will also stream the games live to their subscribers.

Image Credit : Entreprenuer


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