Facebook unveils new shopping ad format 'collection'


NEW DELHI : Facebook on Friday announced a new shopping ad format called 'collection' to help marketers showcase their products in more visually appealing ways.

'Collection' elevates the likelihood of discovery and a purchase by featuring a primary creative video or image above relevant product images. 


Facebook also introduced a new click metric that specifically measures outbound clicks. 

"Products shown in the News Feed can be arranged manually or based on our assessment of the likelihood of purchase -- while products in the post-click, immersive shopping experience are ranked based on the likelihood of purchase," Facebook said in a statement. 

Marketers will be able to view a breakdown in ads reporting for 'link clicks' where they can see by the specific destination they drive people to, such as a text message, a call, a form, or Canvas.

"Clients will be able to break down link clicks by the following destinations -- website, app store, app deep link, phone call, message, Facebook Canvas, Facebook form, Facebook Marketplace, and off-Facebook video," the company added. 

Image Credit : Facebook


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